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The Infidel Brewer

The Infidel Brewer

28/2/2008 - An Infidel in The Kingdom





Moshe, Mousa, Mozes, .  The same guy in the three Abrahamic religions. 


He brought his people from Egypt to Palestine, leading them, during a century,  over the world richest oilfields. Only to settle them on a barren piece of wasteland.  Prophets mind work in this way.


So, Mousa is a very apt nickname for me.

Specially since there is not one shred of archeological or historical evidence that this guy or his exodus ever existed !


Let me please introduce myself.


I am not a man of wealth and taste,  but just an infidel master brewer, deeply under cover in The Kingdom.  Yes, that one.  Not the Kingdom of Holland but the real one :  The Kingdom of the Sauds :  Saudi Arabia.


In this blog you will find the best and easiest way to distill the sweetest alcohol in the Kingdom, how to brew at home an honorable Pastis or a mind blowing Datura drink.  A recipe collected straight from Middle Age Austria  where brewers used to spike their brew with hallucinogenic alkaloids.


You will also find my acerbic observations and comments about daily events in the Kingdom. 


Brewer, distiller, infidel and atheist, firm believer in evolution and the light of reason :   enough sound motives to stay deeply undercover in the Kingdom.  Once one has witnessed a Qassim shoplifter being flogged in public in front of the store where he stole a bag of rice , one understands the need to be very discreet overhere.


You will also find on this blog, my view of this absolutely fantastic place on earth. 


A place I deeply love, rough and primitive, covered only with a thin layer of civilization varnish.  A place that reminds me of the Afghani desert,  and the no-nonsense Pathanis.  A place I imagine being very similar to Europe in 1300.






May the light of reason

Illuminate your mind

And free you from darkness

Of fear and superstition


There is no life but this life

No Gods but ourselves

No sin but to harm another

And no hell but to live without love


Barefoot Bree

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